Certificate of Recognition

To acknowledge schools, teachers and students for their participation, PRUDE Inc. provides a Certificate of Recognition for participating in the presentation and program evaluation.

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Teacher's, book now!

Contact Sheri at our office at 634-7629 or email us at: to schedule one of our valuable presentations for your school.

Student Essay Competition

Students are encouraged to participate in a 1-page-essay contest. Essays will be reviewed and the winners will be notified before the end of the school year.

1st prize - $100.00 • 2nd prize - $50.00 

School Presentations & Workshops

We will "Make A World Of A Difference". We are proud to offer our new classroom presentations and workshops that will enable students to build on the work done in the past. This will allow further examination into stereotypes, challenge their assumptions, and provide them with the tools that they may need to develop a better understanding of the value of our diverse Canadian society and the role they play within it.

Who is the workshop for?

Our workshops are being offered to all teachers and students of middle schools and high schools throughout Greater Saint John.

What does the workshop include?

The workshops delivery meets the needs of various learning styles. A Power Point presentation, open dialogue and engaging activities for participants challenge the assumptions that often lead to stereotypes and discrimination. Teachers and students are asked for reflective feedback on the content, which is valuable for moving forward in addressing issues that may arise in the future.

More the same than different!

Participants share their experiences as students, exploring different ways people are made to feel "included" and "excluded" from others and opportunities. Discussions allow students to examine consistencies and differences in individuals' stories. This activity provides opportunity that demonstrates despite our outward differences, we are more the same on the inside than different.

Building a better future through education

Living Culture

Living Culture is the unique part of the presentations. Usually, newcomers are invited to talk about specific topics that will benefit both your studies and your mindset. Providing an alternative perspective on topics, you’ll benefit from their different thinking and immersive discussions. As a guest speaker, they plant the seeds by sharing their real stories. Those stories have almost an instant impact on the audiences. 

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This project has been funded by the Province of New Brunswick


2019-2020 ESSAY WINNER

Kallie Chiasson

Grade 7 

St. John the Baptist - King Edward School

Essay name - Discrimination

First prize - $100 

Essay winners 2018-19.jpg


Kathlene Carpenter (left)

Grade 12

Belleisle Regional High School


Charles Schmidt (middle)

Grade 7

Princess Elizabeth School


Sawyer King (right)

Grade 6

Barnhill Memorial